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Raluca Pocovnicu
Law Office

Rotterdam Law Firm and Legal Services

About Me

Avocat roman in Olanda - Raluca Pocovnicu

I graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Bucharest in the class of 2009 and became a member of the Bacău Bar Association in 2010. In 2012, I established the Law Office of Raluca Pocovnicu, primarily focusing on the following legal fields: civil law, commercial law, family law, labor law, and insurance law.

Starting in September 2023, I am also registered as a lawyer with the Rotterdam Bar Association under Article 16, paragraph h) of the Avocatenwet, thereby opening the Law Office of Raluca Pocovnicu here. As a European lawyer registered under the aforementioned provisions, I have the right and ability to perform all activities typical of the legal profession in the Netherlands, except for court representation. Currently, I can only conclude cases in court alongside a local lawyer. For this purpose, I collaborate with some of the most renowned lawyers in the Netherlands for court representation services.

I chose to open this European law office in response to a need felt within the Romanian community in the Netherlands for legal services provided by Romanian lawyers. This allows for easier overcoming of linguistic, social, or cultural barriers that sometimes arise.

Based in Rotterdam but with a global perspective, the law office I lead serves clients in resolving their legal issues, both in the Netherlands and in Romania.

The Law Office of Raluca Pocovnicu in the Netherlands primarily addresses the following client categories:

  • Romanian citizens living in the Netherlands or those with judicial matters in the Netherlands or Romania, as well as Romanian companies operating in the Netherlands or having business there. As of 2023, approximately 40,000 Romanians officially reside in the Netherlands. Over the years, the number of Romanian companies active in the Netherlands has significantly increased. The legal issues faced by the Romanian community in the Netherlands are varied, including contractual legal problems (ranging from rental agreements to employment contracts), international successions, issues arising from workplace or traffic accidents, divorces, administrative sanctions, and disputes between individuals or between individuals and companies.
    Romanian citizens settled in the Netherlands often encounter legal issues in Romania. In such cases, I can assist them, considering my over 13 years of experience in the Romanian legal system.

  • Dutch citizens/companies conducting activities in Romania or those with judicial matters in the Netherlands or Romania, as well as Romanian companies operating in the Netherlands or having business there. The Romanian community in the Netherlands faces diverse legal challenges such as contractual disputes, international inheritances, work or traffic accidents, divorces, administrative penalties, and litigation involving individuals or commercial entities.
    Romanian nationals in the Netherlands frequently face legal issues in Romania. My extensive experience in the Romanian legal system enables me to provide support in these situations.

In accordance with Dutch law, the Law Office of Raluca Pocovnicu currently does not have a foundation for third-party funds and, therefore, cannot receive or manage third-party funds. If necessary, we will establish such a foundation in the future.
In our practice, we are dedicated to offering personalized legal services in private law, covering a wide range of areas, including civil law, family law, administrative law, and labor law.

Experience, Specialization, Collaboration

At the Law Office of Raluca Pocovnicu, we are committed to maintaining complete transparency in what we do. Before initiating any legal action, we provide you with a detailed overview of the entire process and our strategy. We are determined to ensure you are well and continuously informed, enabling you to understand every step of the process/procedure.

Transparency and Communication

We pride ourselves on having experienced collaborators specialized in various fields. This approach allows us to offer the highest quality services, tailored to your specific needs. We are here to find advantageous solutions for you, protecting your rights and interests.

Amiable Solutions, Before Litigations

We always seek to find beneficial solutions for you. Our aim is to avoid lengthy and costly legal processes as much as possible, finding answers that best serve your interests. Initially, we strive for amicable solutions to avoid court proceedings, saving time and resources. For this purpose, we provide consultation to prevent potential litigation. Only when this path is exhausted do we proceed to court.

Consultation Services for Litigation Prevention

Prevention is always the best approach. We offer consultation services to avoid litigation and establish solid legal relationships. We are here to provide guidance and legal advice to protect you in the long term.

At the Law Office of Raluca Pocovnicu, we focus on solutions that work for you. Whatever your legal issue, we are here to help you find the right path. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals!

Moreover, we adapt to the needs of modern times, where speed is of utmost importance. With remote communication methods, we can manage all aspects of our cases without requiring our clients’ physical presence. This means you can trust that your lawyer will handle your litigations, allowing you to continue your usual activities.

We are dedicated to serving our clients’ interests with efficiency and competence, ensuring all aspects are handled professionally and in a way that lets you continue your daily life peacefully.

Areas of Practice:

In the field of labor law, we are dedicated to offering consultation services both before signing an employment contract and at the time of its renewal. We recognize the importance of thoroughly reading and understanding the employment contract, as it represents your commitment and involves significant rights and obligations. Furthermore, we aim to familiarize you with the minimum legal rights guaranteed by Dutch law, as the individual employment contract obliges the employer to respect these minimum rights, with the possibility of offering more favorable conditions.

When you seek our assistance, we commit to a careful analysis of your contract and all related aspects, ensuring things proceed in the best conditions for you. Throughout the employment relationship, if difficulties or dissatisfaction arise regarding work conditions, salary payment, leave, or other relevant aspects, we are prepared to support and represent you before your employer.

In this direction, we can draft and send notifications and requests on your behalf to the employer. We emphasize that this step is particularly important, as it can significantly influence the outcome in case of a potential lawsuit. Our efforts are directed towards protecting and ensuring your interests, guaranteeing optimal chances of success in any labor law-related litigation.

In the field of road traffic, if your driver’s license has been suspended due to driving under the influence, we offer complete assistance services in the administrative procedure managed by the authority known as CBR.

During the criminal procedure, in front of the prosecutor or judge, we can assist/represent you only alongside a Dutch lawyer, and our office has the necessary resources to help you in this regard, alongside our specialized collaborators. In any of these stages, we commit to providing constant consultation, in Romanian, ensuring you receive all necessary information in a clear and accessible manner.

In the civil domain, with a focus on contracts, our office offers extensive consultation services, both before signing the contract and at the time of its renewal. We are aware of the importance of a solid and equitable understanding between the parties involved in this type of agreement and, consequently, strive to assist you in these crucial aspects.

For example, if dissatisfaction or conflicts arise during the execution of the rental contract, we are prepared to offer you dedicated representation services. For this purpose, we draft and send notifications on your behalf to ensure that your rights are respected and that your intentions are known and considered. We also perform a thorough analysis of the contract regarding the respect of minimum rights and obligations stipulated by Dutch law. Through this, we ensure that these essential provisions are respected in your contract and no abusive clauses are included.

Our objective is to protect your interests and ensure that contractual relationships are in accordance with the law, allowing you to enjoy a contract under fair and equitable conditions.