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Complaints Regulation of the Raluca Pocovnicu Law Firm

(according to article 6.28 of the Verordening op de advocatuur)

Article 1. Definitions
In this complaint regulation of the office it is understood by:
Complaint: any written expression of dissatisfaction of or on behalf of clients towards the lawyer or the persons working under his responsibility regarding the conclusion and execution of a mandate contract, the quality services or the amount of the invoice, with the exception of complaints provided for in paragraph 4 of the Law on lawyers;

Complainant: the customer or their representative making a complaint; – The person responsible for handling complaints: the lawyer in charge of handling the complaint.

Article 2. Scope

This complaint regulation of the office applies to any contract of mandate concluded between the Raluca Pocovnicu Law Office and the client.
Lawyer Raluca Pocovnicu ensures that complaints are handled according to the complaint regulations of the office.

Article 3. Objectives

This office complaint regulation has the following objectives:

a. establishing a procedure for resolving customer complaints within a reasonable time and in a constructive manner;
b. establishing a procedure for identifying the causes of customer complaints;
c. maintaining and improving existing relationships through effective complaint management;
d. training employees regarding the customer-oriented response to complaints;
e. improving the quality of services through the management and analysis of complaints.

Article 4. Information at the beginning of the provision of services

This office complaint policy has been made public. The lawyer informs the client before concluding the mandate contract that the office has a complaint regulation and that it applies to the services provided.

Article 5. Internal complaints procedure

The person responsible for handling complaints (Pocovnicu Raluca Lawyer) resolves the complaint within four weeks of receiving the complaint or informs the complainant about the deviation from this deadline, indicating the deadline in which a decision on the complaint will be issued.

The lawyer Pocovnicu Raluca informs the complainant about the decision regarding the validity of the complaint, accompanied or not by recommendations. In any case, the complaint must be resolved within a reasonable time. If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision, he can contact a mediator for further resolution of the complaint.

Article 6.

All persons involved in this procedure must respect confidentiality during the complaint handling process. The complainant does not have to pay any costs for handling the complaint.