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Arii de practică

In the field of labor law, we are dedicated to offering you consultancy services both before signing the employment contract and when renewing it. We understand the importance of reading and deeply understanding the employment contract, given that it represents your commitment and involves significant rights and obligations. Moreover, we aim to familiarize you with the minimum legal rights guaranteed by Dutch law, as the individual employment contract requires the employer to respect these minimum rights, with the possibility of offering more favorable conditions.

When you request our assistance, we commit to conducting a thorough analysis of your contract and all its related aspects, to ensure that things proceed in the best conditions for you. Throughout the course of employment relations, should there be any difficulties or dissatisfaction regarding working conditions, salary payment, leave, or other relevant aspects, we are prepared to support and represent you in front of your employer.

In this regard, we can draft and send notifications and requests on your behalf to the employer. It’s important to note that this step is particularly significant, as it can greatly influence the outcome in the event of a potential lawsuit. Our efforts are focused on protecting and securing your interests, ensuring the best possible chance of success in any labor law litigation.

In the field of traffic law, if your driver’s license has been suspended due to driving under the influence of alcohol, we provide complete assistance services within the administrative procedure managed by the authority known as CBR.

In the phase of criminal proceedings, in front of the prosecutor or judge, we can assist/represent you only alongside a Dutch lawyer, and our office has the necessary resources to help you in this regard, along with our specialized collaborators. In any of these stages, we commit to providing you with constant consultancy, in Romanian, ensuring that you receive all the necessary information in a clear and accessible manner.

In the area of civil law, with a focus on contract law, our office offers extensive consultancy services, both before signing a contract and at the time of its renewal. We are aware of the importance of a solid and equitable understanding between the parties involved in this type of agreement and, consequently, we strive to assist you in these crucial aspects.

For example, in case of dissatisfaction or conflicts during the execution of a rental contract, we are prepared to offer you dedicated representation services. For this purpose, we draft and send notifications on your behalf to ensure that your rights are respected and that your intentions are known and considered. Additionally, we conduct a detailed analysis of the contract concerning the observance of the minimum rights and obligations stipulated by Dutch law. Through this, we ensure that these essential provisions are respected in your contract and that no abusive clauses are stipulated.

Our goal is to protect your interests and ensure that your contractual relationships are in accordance with current legislation, so that you can enjoy a contract under fair and equitable conditions.